Claire is an admitted lawyer of the Supreme Court of New South Wales.

Having worked in Sydney and Hong Kong, Claire has garnered an internationalised understanding of the delivery of effective client services. With her background in civil and commercial litigation and insurance law, Claire is able to provide advice on commercial contracts with a sharp focus on protecting our client’s interests and pre-empting pitfalls that could lead to disputes. With her front-of-house work experience outside of law, amicable and effective communication with clients is second nature to Claire. She is a compassionate young lawyer who believes in the value of pragmatism and fairness.

Claire has experience in mergers and acquisitions, construction and infrastructure, corporate governance, property development, real estate matters and general commercial transactions.

Claire graduated from the University of Sydney with a Juris Doctor in addition to a Bachelor of Arts (English) and a Bachelor of Arts Theory from the University of New South Wales.

Phone: +61 2 9160 2112

Headshot photo of Claire Wong from PCO Law